Terms and Conditions

Right To Refuse: Bradys Enterprises reserves the right to refuse service for any reason.
Data Back-Up: Bradys Enterprises will ONLY back-up your data if agreed to before any service.
Warranty: Bradys Enterprises guarantees computer repair service LABOR for (30) thirty days. Call Bradys Enterprises within 30 days, using phone number on invoice. Bradys Enterprises will work to resolve the problem at no additional labor cost. Understand services may void a Manufacturer Warranty. Hardware warranty is only provided by the Manufacturer or Vendor. Bradys Enterprises assumes no liability or warranty if Manufacturer or Vendors warranties are voided.
Ownership: Hardware and Software must be owned by the Customer.
Remote Services: Customer must be 18 years or older during any remote control repair services. Customer must be present during the entire session, unless Customer gives permission OR has an active Contract / Agreement. Customer may also waive this via e-mail.
Limitation Of Remedy: You agree that Bradys Enterprises total liability for damages related to services is limited to the total amount you pay for the services, and you release Bradys Enterprises from liability for any direct, indirect, incidental, special, consequential, or punitive damages. Bradys Enterprises is NOT liable for Loss, Alteration, OR Corruption of any data or loss of any media from product.
Terms of Payment: Payment is due when services are rendered, unless both parties pre-agree to net terms. Late fee's and Charge Card Interest may be added to Past Due invoices. Bradys Enterprises may require a deposit prior to ordering non-stocked products.
EULAs or License: Bradys Enterprises may accept End User License Agreements on Customer behalf, for software installations.
Abandoned Items: Customer agrees to Terms of Payment. According to Arizona state law, items will be considered Abandoned after (90) ninety days and will become property of Bradys Enterprises and sold or recycled to recover damages and non-payment.

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