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In most cases, repairing a system is less costly than purchasing a new system, though there are times this is not true. I will discuss this with you before repairing your system.

  I provide FREE Pickup and Delivery in Buckeye, Tonapah to Goodyear areas with other areas discussed.
  Costs are normally less when I take your system back to my office and work is performed at my office, as I only charge when physically working on system.
  Components required to repair or enhance your system are always at my purchased cost (no markup).
Physical labor hours or flat fee agreements apply and  I do not charge for my research time (unless research is the task) or special tool costs.
  Preventive Maintenance  or  VIP Service Contracts are available
Examples Savings of FREE Pickup/Delivery:
  -Complete and thorough Virus removal takes 2-4 clock hours to accomplish though only 1-2 physical labor hours.
-Hard Drive Upgrades with data and user settings transfer take 2-4 clock hours though only 1-2 physical labor hours.
  -Computer rebuild of your Operating System (with patches and Service Packs) takes 3-5 clock hours to accomplish though only 2-3 physical labor hours.

Travel time and mileage expense will not always apply.

Detail Price List

...All sized jobs or projects will be considered...
...Some estimates available directly over the phone...
...Some jobs or projects are Rate Fixed and others By-The-Hour...

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