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Common Task or Project List
So how can we help? Approx. Time
Hard drive upgrades (with data transferred to new drive) 1 - 3 hr
Memory upgrades (to increase system performance) 1/2 - 1 hr
Internet connection is protected (Firewall) 1/2 - 1 hr
Training - basic computer and/or software
Business software configured (per Licensor)
Display Monitor upgrades
1 hr
Data backup & recovery strategy
Computer workstation configuration 2 - 3 hr
Computer & Network security (cabled or wireless)
Virus software is current 1 - 3 hr
Software installed or removed 1 - 3 hr
Ad-ware & mal-ware software is current
1/2 - 3 hr
E-mail accounts setup with ISP
     - Internet Service Provider (like Network Solutions)
Send and Receive e-mail configured on your computer
Connect your PDA or SmartPhone with your computer
     - replicate contacts, schedule, backup and/or email
Digital Cameras connected
Printer / Scanner / Fax devices configured

Windows Workgroup setup (max of 10 workstations)
Windows Domain Servers installed and configured
Windows Domain Workstations configured (no maximum workstations) each @ 1/2 - 1 hr
VPN / RRAS configured
     - to provide remote access to data
Remote access configured
     - to remote control a second computer
Analysis of software licensing compliance

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